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My name is Dungeonfire#0512 on Discord if you have any suggestions

Create/update your nand backup! When making changes to your device, there is always the chance you will brick.

Having a custom Home Menu installed breaks system updates. If you want to update your system, you will have to restore your Home Menu with a blank HomeMenu.cia first.

In this guide we will be customizing the looks of your Home and Sleep Menu. It will certainly not cover everything that you are able to customize, but this guide should give you an idea as to what extent you can personalize your device. If you would like to customize aspects of it that are not listed on here, I suggest checking out the documentation by Team


Section I - Preperation Work

  1. Download and extract the contents of HMRT_Dev_Build_v0.7.7z
  2. Download and install HxD, or alternatively download and extract the portable version
  3. Download and extract the contents of MSBT.Editor.Reloaded.v0.9.8.rar
  4. Download and install Cheat Engine 6.6
  5. Download HME Positions by DeKay
  6. Click to enlarge the image

    Excluding 3DNUS.exe

Section II - Decompressing the HomeMenu.cia

In this section we will be dumping and decompressing your device-specific HomeMenu.cia in preparation for the editing process.

  1. Insert the SD Card into your device
  2. Launch your device and enter GodMode9
  3. Turn off your system and insert your SD card into your computer
  4. Backup the .cia you just build to a safe place on your computer
  5. Rename the dumped .cia to HomeMenu.cia and place in the same folder as the Home Menu Rebuilding Tool
  6. Launch the Home Menu Rebuilding Tool and press (8)

Section III - Editing the Sleep Menu

  1. Launch MsbtEditor
  2. Open
    /ExtractedRomFS/message/<Region of your device>_<Language of your device>/menu_msbt.LZ
  3. This is where the text of the Sleep Menu will be located:
  4. To change the text, choose one of the strings from the list on the left and edit the text in the top left box
  5. You can change any other text that is unrelated to the Sleep Menu if you like
  6. When you are done, simply save and close the program
  7. Launch HxD and open /ExtractedRomFS/sleep.LZ
  8. These are the values you can modify:
  9. Description Bottom Screen
    Top Screen
    Background 0x00001260 0x00001CD4
    Background Glow 0x00001264 0x00001CD8
    Background Stripes 0x0000125C 0x00001CD0
    Header Color - 0x00001D70
    Text Color 0x000012FC 0x00001DA4
    Footer Color 0x0000122C 0x00001EA8
    Line Color 0x00001554 0x00001E24
    Button Text Color 0x000014D4 -
    Button Text Mask 0x000014A0 -
    Button Color 0x0000132C 0x000013E4 -
    Button Glow 0x00001330 0x000013E8 -
  10. To jump to a value without looking for it manually, press Ctrl+G and enter everything from the offset value excluding 0x
  11. Each of these values are 3 size offsets, so only edit the next 3 pairs of hex for each offset
  12. After you are done replacing the hex values with the colors you desire, save

Section IV - Editing the icons of the Home Menu

In this section we will be editing the color of the icons displayed on the Home Menu. (Notes, Friends, Notifications, etc.)

  1. Start off by opening /ExtractedRomFS/launcher.LZ in HxD
  2. These are the values you can modify:
  3. Icon Color 1
    Color 2
    0x00031DA8 0x00031DAC
    Internet Browser
    0x00031E84 0x00031E88
    Notifications 0x00031F60 0x00031F64
    Friend List
    0x0003203C 0x00032040
    Game Notes
    0x00032118 0x0003211C
  4. Just as before, each value is a 3 size offset
  5. After you are done making your edits, save
  6. Now we also need to modify the banners displayed at the top screen
  7. The files responsible for those banners are:
  8. These are the offsets for the colors, they are the same for each file:
  9. Color 1
    Color 2
    0x00001D7C 0x00001D80
  10. Again, those are 3 size offsets
  11. After you have saved every file, you are free to close HxD

Section V - Editing the HUD

In this section we will be editing the elements that are displayed on the top screen of the Home Menu.

  1. Launch Cheat Engine and open the file /ExtractedRomFS/hud.LZ
  2. Drag & drop the HME_Positions_By_DeKay.CT in the Cheat Engine window
  3. You can now edit the color- and position values of elements as you please
  4. Colors are standard RGB format; for the coordinates please refer to this image:
  5. When you are done editing the values, check the box of each one you edited and close Cheat Engine

Section VI - Installing the .cia

In this section we will be rebuilding, encrypting, and installing the .cia file.

  1. Return to the Home Menu Rebuilding Tool window and press any key to rebuild the .cia
  2. Move the HomeMenu_edited.cia to your SD Card
  3. Remove the SD Card from your computer and insert it into your device
  4. Launch your device and enter GodMode9
  5. Restart your device and install the encrypted .cia file with your favorite .cia installer. If no error occurs, reset your device manually
  6. You should now have your custom Home Menu installed!

Restoring the Home Menu without a backup

This section is for those who forgot to backup their original HomeMenu.cia and want to update their system.

  1. Extract and launch 3DNUS and enter the title ID and version of your Home Menu
  2. Wait for the download to finish and close the program
  3. Rename the <titleID>.cia to HomeMenu.cia and place it anywhere onto your SD card
  4. Insert the SD Card into your device
  5. You should now be able to install the blank HomeMenu.cia

If you want to update your Home Menu with a newer one, you need to install a fresh HomeMenu.cia first which you can just download via 3DNUS.

Keep the decrypted HomeMenu_edited.cia file in the folder you did your edits in, in case you want to make changes later on.

If you have trouble with anything, ask on the Custom Home Menu Asset Discussion Discord server.

Credit goes to:
● DeKay for some of the files
Minimal Mistakes since I blatantly stole some of their CSS (will remove/change upon request!) (currently down)
● Traiver, Romulator, DeKay, and everyone who contributed to the documentation
● Zyneros because I used his guide as a template
● ScribbL, Sobliv, Romulator, and Ms. Ferreira for their proofreading
● Merch for their suggestion to use GodMode9 to dump the HomeMenu.cia ourselves instead of downloading it via 3DNUS
● The Custom Home Menu Asset Discussion Discord Server for the great help.